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A Little About Us

Mary Remer and Winkie Mackay-Smith have been raising, training and showing English Bull Terriers for more than seventy years combined. Their love and dedication to the breed is evident in the outstanding quality of dogs produced as a result of their stringent breeding program. Explore the world of BANBURY-BEDROCK Bull Terriers as Mary and Winkie share news, information and knowledge gained from many years of experience with the breed. This information can be of valuable help if you're having problems. These dogs require special owners and special handling to develop into happy and healthy pets, however, if you ask anyone who is lucky enough to be owned by a BANBURY-BEDROCK Bull Terrier, they will tell you that it is worth every bit of extra effort it takes!

We are proud to offer training information, books, links and other special information to guide you on your path to bull terrier and general pet ownership. Please go to our recommendations page to see all the helpful information.