Our Policy dedicated to responsible ownership

Banbury Bedrock - OUR POLICY

Our breeding program, established in 1968, continues to produce good-tempered, quality individuals exhibiting true Bull Terrier type. Throughout the years we have carried forward with respect for the past and an eye to the future. We are not striving to breed the largest dogs, nor the most exaggerated, but to continue the tradition of our classical English foundations by breeding shapely, sound and typy Bull Terriers conforming as closely as possible to the ENTIRE breed standard. We produce Bull Terriers that people can enjoy as companions for many years as well as individual dogs who succeed in the show ring.

Banbury-Bedrock Bull Terriers are carefully raised in a happy, socialized environment with interaction among all ages. Dogs which cannot or will not accept discipline and dogs who are hyperactive or aggressive are simply not used in our breeding program, no matter how outstanding their physical attributes may be.

We take great pleasure in working with serious breeders to help them get the best results from our bloodlines. We get equal pleasure from helping pet owners derive maximum enjoyment and companionship from our puppies. Obedience seems to be a long suit, naturally stemming from our attention to temperaments, and we have encouraged owners to pursue obedience training and degrees in agility and therapy as well.