Dearly missed and always loved

Bullies that have crossed the rainbow bridge

Banbury Bedrock - Dedicated to those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge!

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It's never easy to say goodbye, but these dogs were well loved and always missed.

Banbury Bellarae of Bedrock "Larry" April 10, 1999 - August 18, 2014

Larry Hall lived an extrodinary life with his family in West "By God" Virginia! Son of Zoe (Queen of the world) he grew up running through the trees and swimming in lakes and streams. Always a happy boy with either a stick or a ball to play with. Larry enjoyed going for rides in his younger days and tugging on ropes. He is now with his sister "Ginya" and his mom over the rainbow bridge. He will be deeply missed by Mike and Deb Hall.

Ronan July 14, 2000 – February 7, 2013

It is hard to find the right words to describe Ronan. He was so many things to us. Ronan had a sense of humor and he could be so silly, clearly just in an effort to make us laugh!! He knew when he was successful in making us laugh, and it just encouraged him! He never had a grumpy day, never a short temper, never a grumble.
Ronan loved a party! Birthdays, Christmas, cook-outs . . . I think he knew it was really all about him! On his tummy, he would commando crawl from guest to guest, soaking up all the love and attention he could. Ronan was generous. He welcomed other animals into our home with a bullie smile and wagging tail. Be they a stray Siamese cat, a visiting Corgi, even a rehabbing tortoise. Everybody was welcome, especially people!! He was the gentlest creature I had ever known.
Ronan was smart. I remember when he was just 9 months old, and we enrolled in Beginners Obedience Class. Oh my, I thought to myself, what are we in for?! Among our class were well known obedience breeds, a German Shepherd, an Australian Shepherd, and a Doberman. Well, Ronan did great!! Better than just about everyone else in the class. And, he clearly had more fun with the whole experience than any of the other dogs, and as a result so did I!
Ronan was loving. He was so happy to see us come home after work, you’d think we’d been gone for a month. He was intuitive of our moods. When we were sad, he knew, and he did his best to comfort us. He loved us completely and we returned that love. We will always miss him. He was so many things to us.
Kerry & Norman

CH Banbury Brighthope O'Bedrock, ROM, CGC, ThD "Brigit" July 14, 2000 - April 3, 2012

Brigit... perfect in every way... companion, caregiver, comforter, mother, grand-mother, ambassador for the Bull Terrier community and so much more. She touched the hearts of everyone she met and delighted in being close to people and making them happy. Brigit loved a party...people, food and fun all wrapped up into one event. She would go from one person to the next, thoroughly savoring every moment. Brigit would stay in the kitchen until the last dish was put away and then snuggle down in her bed for a much needed nap, with a huge Bull Terrier smile on her face.

We count ourselves truly blessed, to have had her as a member of our family, to have loved her, and to have received her unconditional love. We held her in our arms for 11 1/2 years. We'll hold her in our hearts forever. R.G. & Karin


On January 31, Madison did celebrate her 15th birthday with her usual enthusiasm and favorite cream cheese pound cake. Sadly, on March 20, the first day of spring she peacefully passed away. She will leave a hole in our lives, but will always have big spot in our hearts. The Phillips and Coyne Family Brett, Paula and Lauren

Ch. Banbury Brightstar of Bedrock, ROM Precious "Punkin" Longhofer

July 28, 1995 - January 22, 2011 This little star did shine bright. She certainly made her mark on the breed, but far more importantly, on the hearts of all who met her. It was a true privilege to have been loved by her and to have had her as part of my life for so long. They don't come better. Rest easy, supreme sweetness!

"Minnie Me" Banbury Minnie Me

7/14/2000 - 3/30/2010 We’re no longer jockeying for the best seat on the sofa, no one is racing around violently shaking a stuffed toy, begging for food, slurping water, casually tiptoeing by with a slipper, snarfing in our hair or growling out the window. And when the back door opens, no little dog bolts out as if the starting bell at the Kentucky Derby has just sounded. We don’t wake up without covers in contorted positions on the sides of the bed anymore, and find a snoring dog between us. It’s been just a few days without Minnie Me and already things here are too quiet, and we’re sad.

We often reminded Minnie she was the most spoiled animal on the planet. What made it funny was we all knew it and none of us were too concerned. She rarely required a reprimand, maybe a little guidance. More often, we were trying not to encourage her by laughing. When she came through the bedroom door with the king-sized bedding in tow, I simply told her “Let’s put this back on the bed”. When she caught a full grown opossum she was not so happy to give it up, but in time I think she forgave us for taking it away. She was intelligent, clever, kind, mischievous, fun-loving, stubborn, determined, and cheerful all rolled into one. She was the center of our world and she knew it.

Like most Bull Terriers she got a big kick out of herself and felt she was absolutely adorable. She greeted everyone with a wagging tail and a big smile. She had a natural ability to endear herself and become the center of attention wherever she went.

Outdoors she was constantly on the lookout for anything moving. She chased rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks as they do, but she also growled at soaring hawks, flocks of seagulls, and curiously, crop dusting planes. The height of her frustration came when we encountered a low flying Blue Heron and she realized she couldn’t fly. Most of all she loved rolling; in anything foul, in the snow or as a stall tactic on walks. On warm summer days she often laid motionless in the grass, belly up, sunning herself. She liked to tromp in the underbrush and had a lifelong love affair with mud. She was happiest when she came in dirty and tired.

Bull Terrier lovers know these dogs can keep us laughing long after they’re gone as we recall their various shenanigans. It seems to me there’s symmetry to that. We’re grateful to be a part of the Banbury Family and feel unusually lucky and blessed to have spent our days with this very delightful girl. Sandi & Bill Zeidler

"Newton" Mills Banbury Beaujolais

Jan.1 1995 - Nov.20, 2008
Mike and Carolyn Mills write: Our sweet Newton died last Thursday night. Our hearts are broken. He was the most gentle, sweet dog we have ever had. Our kids and grandkids loved him so much. Newton had lots of medical problems most of his life, but they never seem to change his personality. Newton just laid down on the floor by my chair and died. We will miss him dearly.

"Shiner" McLeary Ch. Banbury Belstar of Bedrock, ROM

by Ch. Windfall's Starman of Bedrock , ROM ex Banbury Beldame of Bedrock July 28, 1995 - April 26, 2008 "Shiner" was a true gentleman, a shining star in the show ring and one of the sweetest guys we've ever known. We are going to miss him.

Bedrock’s Bodacious Bon Vivant

(CH Bullyrook Batteries Included ex Banbury Black Simba Of Bedrock) “Doubles” In Loving Memory March 16, 1991 – December 23, 2006

Doubles was our first Bull Terrier, and she was the reason for our love of the breed. She had that special glint in her eye, and a wonderful sense of humor. She possessed a perfect temperament and was a friend to every dog she ever met. She enjoyed agility, and attended her first training class in 1995. The teeter and the A-Frame were her favorite things to do. We cannot thank Mary Remer enough for entrusting us with the care of the fabulous “Double-Dip”, and we feel so grateful to have had her as part of our family for almost sixteen years. She was a very, very special dog, and made an indelible mark upon our hearts. Sleep tight, dear girl. We miss and shall always love you. Ginny Baxter and Bob Cissel