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Letters from Raymond

A Bull Terrier Mentorship by W.E. Mackay-Smith

Through a totally unforseen set of circumstances, Winkie Mackay-Smith “backed into” the ownership of her first two bull terriers, and naively undertook their respective show careers with very limited expectations. In 1969, due to a “tip” from Alva Rosenberg, a famous terrier judge, to his friend Raymond Oppenheimer, a famous breeder of bull terriers in England, she and her husband, Matthew, were invited by Oppenheimer to visit the Ormandy-Souperlative kennels in White Waltham, England. There they met Raymond and his business partner and kennel manager, Eva Weatherill, and formed a bond with both of them which lasted until Raymond’s death in 1984, and Eva’s in 1993.

Both Raymond and Eva undertook an extensive correspondence with Winkie, during which time she was tutored in the arts of breeding, showing, judging, and changing the methods of incentivising the breeding of better dogs by the B.T.C.A.

During the next 15 years, Winkie was exposed to the joys and perils of active participation in the breed scenario, carefully encouraged and occasionally berated by her mentors. Raymond was a very thorough tutor, often delving into the history of the breed to make his points, and encouraging many changes in the breed picture in the U.S. via his group of correspondents, of which Winkie was one.

A wonderful host, Raymond welcomed all who were seriously interested in the breed to his home in White Waltham, and treated his guests and pupils to a whirlwind of activity and conversation which had an enormous impact on bull terriers everywhere. Winkie was a frequent visitor, and this book details her experiences through Raymond’s and other correspondence together with her own recollections of those amazing times.

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